Client Services

Risk Mitigation
our process

Our process starts with the Licensed Risk Managers on staff who are prepared to work with clients in Identifying, Analyzing, Controlling, Handling and Managing risk programs.

  1. Identify — When necessary, we will work with you to conduct a complete review of your operations to identify the specific financial, property, liability, cyber and human resources exposure unique to you.
  2. Analyze — Analyze the potential cost of risk.
  3. Control — Control exposures with pre-loss measures including a review of your current safety plan to identify potential gaps and opportunities for enhancements. Work with your team and the insurance carrier to manage post-loss claims.
  4. Transfer — Transfer risk through most appropriate insurance or non-insurance method.
  5. Manage — Manage through policy planning and safety training.

Experience Modifier monitoring for worker’s compensation policies to ensure accurate premium charges.

Claim Management

Accidents happen.  The claim process can be scary and stressful.  It doesn’t have to be. At Hertel Insurors Group, we are your advocate throughout the claim process. Our staff is dedicated to working with you and the insurance carrier from the timely reporting of a claim through the entire process to resolution.  We work to ensure claims are handled timely and properly resolved, thereby limiting the impact to your total cost of risk by:

  • Assisting you in the timely reporting of the claim
  • Ensuring you understand any obligations you may need to meet under the policy
  • Setting realistic expectations on the expected timeframe of the process
  • Working with you and the carrier to address and understand coverage issues
  • Participating in claim reviews with the insurance carrier
  • Monitoring carrier communication to ensure you know the status of your claim throughout the process
  • Monitoring claim payments and reserves for accuracy and timely closure
Client Resources

Hertel Insurors Group is committed to supplementing your insurance program with services that add value to your program and enhance our relationship.

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Hertel Insurors Group is committed to helping you. Need help after hours? Require a quick printout of your auto ID card? Want to add a certificate holder online? Access 24/7 can do all that and more. As a preferred client, you will be given instant access to all that this program offers. Log into Access 24/7.

Make a Payment

Before making a payment, please contact your account manager for payment instructions and due dates.

For payments by check, please mail payments to the following address

Hertel Insurors Group
8500 Bluffstone Cove Suite B201
Austin, TX 78759

For your convenience we also offer a pay online option, where you can pay with a credit card or via ACH by clicking below.


Report a Claim

Hertel Insurors Group offers three ways to submit a claim:

  • Report the claim direct to your insurance carrier
  • After confirming you have read the Important Notice, fill out the on-line form below, then click “Submit Incident Report” at the bottom to submit a claim.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Under the terms of the insurance contract, it is your contractual responsibility to immediately report any claim, loss, or lawsuit, or any incident or event which could reasonably lead to a claim, loss, or lawsuit, to your insurance carrier as set forth in the policy. If for any reason you are unable to use the Hertel Insurors Group website to submit a claim or unable to fill out the form below for this purpose, it is still your responsibility to report any such claim, loss, lawsuit, incident, or event to your insurance carrier as set forth in the policy by another method. Your failure to do so may jeopardize any coverage as set forth in the policy.